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North County Academy

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North County Academy (NCA) is a school located in Carlsbad operated by the North Coastal Consortium for Special Education SELPA in affiliation with the San Diego County Office of Education. Serving students in kindergarten through 12th grade, our program has a four prong focus: 

  1. Academics:
    NCA provides instruction and core curriculum that ensures that students remain on track with learning and prescribed course of study. Our highly qualified teachers strive to provide engaging, rigorous, and relevant instruction to all students.
  2. Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS):
     Psychological and emotional well-being, also known as mental health, is essential to a child’s ability to learn, interact, grow and develop.  ERMH services allow a student with mental health needs to access and benefit from their education. All students who attend NCA will receive Individual and group counseling as part of their Individualized Educational Program (IEP). Family counseling is offered and highly recommended to assist parent(s)/guardian(s) in better understanding and meeting their child’s needs, both at home and at school. NCA’s integrated therapeutic approach ensures that students in crisis can receive support as events arise throughout the school day. NCA's ERMHS team are trained to implement an array of research-based therapeutic approaches and are skilled at assessing which approach is most appropriate based on the student's goals and needs. All NCA staff are trauma-informed and are trained to work with students experiencing emotional distress.
  3. Environmental Supports:
    NCA is on a separate campus with many trained staff members. This enables the school to implement environmental supports a comprehensive campus may struggle to provide. A few examples of the environmental supports provided at NCA are; small class sizes, individualized adult attention to address student's emotional needs, and 100% student supervision.
  4. Positive Behavior Supports:
    NCA's staff members are trained in the theory and practice of Applied Behavior Analysis and the Principles of Behavior. Positive incentives, privileges, research-based behavioral interventions and a caring authoritative approach are regularly implemented by staff members with the intent of shaping positive student behaviors.

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North County Academy
1640 Magnolia Ave.
Carlsbad, CA 92008
760-547-2801 fax